Dr Bronwyn King AO

Thinking differently about how we do business – and the work our businesses do – is going to be a determining factor in the success we enjoy over the coming decade. And Dr Bronwyn King AO is someone who is well-accustomed to challenging the norm and asking those difficult questions.

A radiation oncologist by trade, Dr King is a social entrepreneur, movement maker and a globally renowned humanitarian on a mission to inspire and transform organisations into purpose-driven businesses.

She has worked with everyone from the terminally ill to the fittest athletes in the Australian Swim Team, and her engagement across the global corporate, finance, health and diplomatic sectors has provided unique insights into universal power structures, how to build trust, harness influence and sidestep ‘the impossible’.

Her 2018 TEDxSydney talk, ‘You May Be Accidentally Investing in Cigarette Companies’ has been viewed more than three million times.

That talk was eight years in the making, after she discovered, in 2010, that she was inadvertently investing her super in tobacco companies through one of her superannuation’s default options.

As a result, she founded Tobacco Free Portfolios, and took her place on the stage at the United Nations in New York to launch The Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge, a global initiative she led, which now has 200 signatories – global financial institutions with combined assets under management of more than US$25 trillion.

This is a plenary session you’ll remember for a long, long time. As a speaker, Dr King is exceptional – her presentations are uplifting and engaging, with a focus on business outcomes and practical takeaways for every audience member. And for brokers, there’s a tangible inspiration to gain from understanding her alignment to cause – and the impact that consequently can make.

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