Lisa Woodley

Lisa is a prominent Australian technology pioneer with over 30 years experience in digital platforms that transform electronic distribution between insurers and their intermediaries.

Known as an innovator, Lisa has created, headed and participated in establishing industry leading digital platforms designed to address inefficiencies in the general insurance intermediary distribution channels, and is an advocate and leader in the promotion of ongoing improvements in this space.

Pioneering BIM Technologies, BIMnet solution in the late 90’s which was sold to Telstra in 2000, she was appointed to lead Telstra ebusiness which embarked on a major transformation program of the general insurance industry away from proprietary networks and software onto the internet and the introduction of the Sunrise Exchange platform. Sunrise Exchange is used by more than 95% of Australian insurance brokers and over 16 insurers across more than 40 product classes transacting in excess of $1.5 billion in gross written premiums annually.

Lisa is responsible for the introduction of the ACORD data standards into Australia and New Zealand acting for a consortia of Australian and international general insurance entities, as well as assisting companies establish the ACORD governance and advisory board for standards.

Lisa was instrumental in the creation and development of the Steadfast Client Trading Platform (previously known as SVU), which was sold to Steadfast in 2010, Lisa co- founded Steadfast Technologies, a subsidiary of Steadfast Limited, which is an ASX listed company.  Steadfast’s SCTP platform is used by Steadfast brokers in Australia and New Zealand with 16 insurers across more than 10 product classes. Lisa was also responsible for the transformation and redesign of Steadfast’s INSIGHT broking platform which was launched in 2016 in Australia and New Zealand and has become a market leading insurance broking platform.

Lisa spearheaded and established Steadfast’s offshoring development and testing teams and has experience as a director of private companies and as director of a number of subsidiary companies of ASX listed Steadfast, Australia’s largest insurance broking group. She is also on the non for profit board of Where Pigs Fly Animal sanctuary which was established in 2014 to raise awareness and understanding of farmed animals through education, advocacy and community enrichment. Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary also partners with Australia’s National disability scheme providers to provide services to disadvantaged and disabled youth.

Lisa is a cofounder of ZapCentral and Payhive along with industry leaders Kiersten Lethbridge, Simon Agar and Vibul Imtarnasan bringing together extensive knowledge and experience and proven track records to combine insurance industry expertise, particularly in the area of electronic broker distribution and experience in providing solutions, services and advice to technology providers, insurers and insurance intermediaries.

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